The Harlem Renaissance and Its Effect on African American Literature

I wrote in the margin, added words in parentheses, crossed out misspelled words, and incorporated dictionary definitions.

A Comparison of Langston Hughes and Claude Mckay in the Harlem Ranaissance

Nevertheless, putting my thoughts on paper in a semi-organized way proved to be an invaluable step by the time I sat down to write my first draft. Satisfied with my preliminary outline, I spent the following afternoon writing my first draft. I typically hand write my first drafts, but this time I typed it. During this first attempt at writing the essay, I inserted comments and reminders to myself in the Word document using the "Comments" and "Track Changes" features.

When I went back to write my second draft, I used those comments and notes to elaborate on incomplete concepts. Sample Rough Draft for "Harlem".

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I used her suggestions and advice when I wrote my second draft. Leanna's peer review copy of my first draft with commentary and suggestions. Professor Rob Hale's peer review copy of my first draft with commentary and feedback. I revised my essay three times in total.

In addition, I modified my thesis statement three times. The final version is clear and concise; the body of the paper thoroughly analyzes the theme and devices it states. When things do not go as planned, we are let down and sometimes left feeling lost and confused. In the essay, Salvation, Langston Hughes is recalling how he gave into conformity at a church revival and in turn, found himself feeling both frustrated and disappointed.

The onset of frustration began when Hughes' Aunt Reed wanted him to conform to Christianity. Hughes, tired of his aunt nagging about going to a revival to be saved, finally went along with her to be saved at church.

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As he sat at the mourner's bench he became disappointed in himself; he was not seeing the images nor feeling Jesus within him as his aunt had explained it to him. He was told that when he was saved he would "see a light, and something would happen to him inside! And Jesus would come into his life!

And God would be with him from then on! This scenario was emotionally straining on him because he was promised that he would see Jesus and he was not seeing him in that manner. It seems as if Aunt Reed served as a role model for Hughes; he wanted to be just like her.

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In addition the echo tends to add more information about the poem as well as enhancing the theme. This constant repetition provides the reader completely breathless imitating the tiring uphill task of climbing the stairs Jackson, The author is passing a message to the public through this woman of wisdom.

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In the poem, the mother symbolically portrays the hardships of life that she has overcome. In her strong spirit she held on to hope and the struggled forwards. This statements and depiction give life its ascending qualities like that of a staircase. She relates life with the climbing of the stairs which must be achieved through hard work.

An Analysis of Langston Hughes' Novel "Doorknobs" | Kibin

The rhythm of the poem lacks rhyme. However it is rich with beat throughout the lines.

1. Introduction

The poet applied the use of determination in a weary soul in basing his foundation of a stairway that requires climbing of one step at a time. Hughes serves the audience with a lovely scene of a devoted parent speaking to her child. Although the woman is impoverished in education, she disapproves of that as a hindrance to impart good quality and devotion to her son.

The Role of Urban Life in the Poetry of Langston Hughes

The woman shows credible parenting by finding time to be with the child. This words challenge the youth to take uphill tasks. The basis of this statement is to give realities of difficulties in life to the son. In this dexterous use of fictional devices such as uncommon language, symbolism, images, repetition, in addition to the wise use of format, the author achieves to bring together the image of a mother lovingly, wisely talking to her son about life.